Company Introduction by General Manager

Opsicol began as a coal Loading, Hauling and stockpile management contractor during September 2010 at Hakhano Colliery based in Middelburg Mpumalanga. We have made significant contributions to the local coal market ever since.

Following that we initiated our second major coal service at Phalanndwa Colliery, Delmas Gauteng. These projects are still running strong and have provided employment to local communities in and around the area. Over the years we focused on improving, mastering and amplifying our skills and services.

Specialized skills such as screening, crushing and cleaning slurry dams were added.Later on we started our train loading stations which are Pan & Rietkuil sidings. 3 years back we took yet another step forward and started with opencast mining production. Our first opencast mining started in Phalanndwa Colliery, Delmas on very small scale and has since expanded to Singani Colliery, Ukufisa Colliery and Khanye Colliery. Today 50 % of our operation is opencast mining and the rest is material handling. At Singani and Ukufisa Colliery we are mining 2 seam coal with 2 kit of mining equipment. Khanye colliery is our biggest opencast mining operation with 6 kit mining equipment 450k cubes monthly production target which 150k tons of coal. Our current fleet consists of 300 yellow equipment operational in 5 mines. All sites we have fully established with adherence to operational and engineering needs. Maintenance and planned services are handled by our fully equipped on site workshops and conducted by qualified engineering and mechanical teams. These teams ensure maximum availability on yellow equipment to reach production targets. Opsicol is a medium sized company with an employee head-count of 600 employees. Our vision is to keep growing and expanding thus providing more work opportunities to the local communities.
I am proud to say that the company I represent, Opsicol is very stable and successful. This success and stability depended on certain contributing factors such as;

• Director’s strategic moves and alignments on business
• Quick and accurate decision making
• Hands on operation
• Communication and better understanding of work force
• Support from suppliers
And the most important The Team you work with All industries suppliers are important but when it comes to mining industry its severe. Because mining operations never sleeps, and you expect your supplier not to sleep and be reachable all the time. The suppliers Opsicol works with I would say they are major contributor for our success with being there for us, supporting, advising us and having very good understanding of urgency and emergency. I would like to thanks to all our suppliers for their contribution towards Opsicol.

My personal opinion key to success is the team you working. All points I mentioned earlier of course has its own effect but the team and team work is the key. Self Driven, self managed and motivated team is the team that can bring success to your company. Better way of understanding each other, not coming to work just to be at work. Productive, thinking 1 week ahead and doing maneuvers in the company. Creative, problem resolving, not waiting senior management to interfere on their responsibilities. I feel myself lucky because I work with such a team where each and every member of management are very supportive, responsible, Self driven and managed. Without you Opiscol couldn’t be here and couldn’t be where it is now. I thank you each and every employee of Opsicol. Without you Opsicol wouldn’t exist. I thank you to our Director Mr.Serhat Bayoglu.

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